Some of the Latest Dental Tools and Technologies in Use Today

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. The dental field has not been left behind in the constant evolution of technology. The evolution of dental technologies has not only helped to make work a lot easier for dentists, it has also helped dental patients receive better quality services than the services they received a few years ago. The new technologies have helped to make patients more comfortable when they are receiving treatment in a dental office. This can be especially true when doing procedures like root canals (Endodontics) etc. For that procedure if you live in Oregon we would recommend finding the best Portland Endodontist near you. Without further ado, here are the modern dental technologies and tools that are in use today;

1. Digital X-rays

More and more dentists are switching to digital X-ray machines. The digital X-ray machines are capable of providing images that are more detailed and are more environment friendly than the traditional machines that were used to provide X-ray images. A digital machine utilizes computer technology rather than the traditional film. The film has been conveniently replaced by an electric pad that makes it possible for the images to be sent to a screen directly.

2. Laser dentistry

dental-technologiesLaser dentistry is used to reduce discomfort and improve the efficiency of a number of dental procedures. It is used in procedures such as the reduction of tooth sensitivity, filling cavities, teeth whitening and the elimination of tumors. Laser dentistry is painless and is very fast. When a dentist is using laser dentistry, he/she will also help you eliminate all forms of bacteria that can lead to problems or complications.

3. Invisalign

Invisalign are clear braces that are used to gently straighten the teeth. They are practically invisible. These braces provide a convenient way to straighten your teeth without destroying your smile. The traditional metallic braces are visible to everyone when you smile, even to those who are far away from you. Invisalign braces are also lighter in weight compared to the metallic braces. They can easily be taken out when you want to eat and do not limit you on the types of foods that you can eat.

4. DVD glasses

DVD glasses make it possible for patients to watch films when they visit the dental office for treatment. They help to keep a patient that is being treated entertained. These glasses help to keep the minds of patients off the dental procedures that they are having. They make them feel at home. Watching a DVD also helps to reduce patients’ anxiety.

5. Velscope

Velscope is special instrument that helps dentists to look for the early signs of oral cancer. This instrument shines a blue light into different parts of the mouth to detect abnormalities. The blue light makes the tissues fluoresce. Healthy tissues will give out a green glow while abnormal or unhealthy tissues will give a darker, duller glow.

6. Nucalm

Nucalm is new treatment that was developed specifically to help patients who suffer from dental phobia dental anxiety. It is a non-invasive method that helps to relax the body and to induce a state of calm. Nucalm involves the chewing of tablets that have been designed to help to counteract the effects of adrenaline. Nucalm has proved to be a very effective solution to people suffering from nervousness or anxiety when they go for dental treatment.

7. Intraoral camera

These cameras help the dentists to get clear images or pictures of places that they find hard to see. A dentist can the show the pictures to a patient to educate him/her. The intraoral camera also helps the dentist to thoroughly inspect the mouth of a patient to better asses their oral care needs.

8. CT scanners

CT scanners are present in almost every hospital. However, it only until recently that dentists started using them to treat their patients. A CT scanner helps a dentist to get extremely accurate images of the gum tissue and the teeth. A CT scan is mostly used for patients who need dental implants. It helps dentists to place implants exactly where they are supposed to be.

9. DIAGNOdent

DIAGNOdent is new device that makes it possible for dentist to detect cavities in hidden in places where the normal X-ray machines can’t find. This helps to ensure that a patient’s mouth is thoroughly checked for cavities. It also helps in the early detection of cavities so that they can be fixed early before they expand and reach the advanced stages.

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